October 05, 2013

Style crush : Natacha Goldenberg

Natacha Goldenberg. Such an incredible sense of style. I love her structured and colorful outfits. 

It is both "less is more" and "more is more" look at the same time (yes, it is possible). Notice that even if she wears high-heels and so many accessorizes (necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, head-pieces, furs, sunglasses...sometimes all at the same time), she never-ever looks too much. 
She knows more than anybody how look like "I just woke-up and put on whatever i found, but all together, i still look amazing cause i only have amazing pieces in my wardrobe". This, is what i call : "insouciant glamour". 
It might be because of the "out-of-bed" hair-style and the "no-makeup" look, combined with sophisticated outfits, but it is still amazing. 

I you wanna know more about her, she is a Russian fashion designer and stylist. She owns a brand named "Tzipporah". 

“Bad hair days, bad face days, bad outfit days—no one notices it if you wear a statement piece on your head!"
N. Goldenberg

Lots of LOVE xx


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