January 27, 2014

Almost 2 years ago

I'm sorry for the lack of posts these days my lovelies. It was exams times. I've been very busy lying to myself, sitting behind my desk and faking to work while i was dreaming. Hard times... ANYWAY, i'm done so i'm back in business, with lots of inspiration to pleasure you (i hope at least) in my future posts.  
As i didn't have time to shoot some outfits yet, i thought (yes i do) you may like these pictures, which had been taken almost 2 years ago with my best friend, as we were doin' graffitis in Bordeaux. Hope you'll like them!

 Ph. by Yoann.
 Lots of LOVE xx


January 08, 2014


Some may drown themselves in love songs, i like to drown myself in french hip-hop.

Lots of LOVE xx 


January 07, 2014


We need our illusions as much as we need air. 

Faux Fur. Vintage.
Tee. Shirt. Leather Pants. H&M.
Bag. The Kooples.
Cutout Boots. Jeffrey Campbell "Roscoe".

 Ph. by Rafael Burato.
Lots of LOVE xx


January 02, 2014


This man is one of the greatest poet. Be careful. 

Lots of LOVE xx 

J'te connaissais pas

"Les gens peuvent s'aimer, avant de se croiser"
Lots of LOVE xx 


January 01, 2014

DARE (happy new year)

I wish you a happy new year. 

I wish you sandstorms and icebergs.
I wish you dreams and nightmares. 
I wish you insanity and spirituality.
I wish you tires on the road. 
I wish you Passion, i wish you Freedom. 
I wish you to be angry, to be hungry. 
I wish you to walk, run, swim, fly, dance.

I wish you to dare. 

Dress. Shoes. H&M.

 Ph. by Rafael Burato. Ed. by me.

Also, i wanna thank you for being here reading me, following me, encouraging me. I won't keep on doing this blog if you were not here, so thank you. I hope we will share a lot more in 2014.

Lots of LOVE xx