October 01, 2013

Inspector gadget

Have you ever found some old pictures of you in a draw, and instantly think "WHAT THE HELL WAS WRONG WITH ME !? WHAT WAS I THINKING WHEN I WORE THIS ICE-CREAM PATTERN, PINK AND WHITE DRESS FULL OF GLITTER ?". Right, this, happened to me few days ago. And i still have after-effects. 
I don't know why, i've always had a passion for crazy clothes. Crazy patterns, crazy colors, crazy combinations, crazy shapes, crazy glitters...i couldn't resist. But now i realize that i look just like...crazy...i'm not sure what to think anymore...
This is why this outfit is quite simple and timeless. I kept a little eccentricity by pairing this very classic trench with a jersey jumpsuit, to "grunge" it a little. 
I don't know how long i'll keep on looking "not crazy". But tomorrow is another day.

Trench Coat. White Tee. H&M.
Jumpsuit. Bag. Zara.
Slippers. Newlook.
Sunglasses. Vintage Ray-ban "Wayfarer".

Ph. by Adrien.

 Lots of LOVE xx


1 comment :

  1. C'est bizzare :o
    Jaccroche pas vraiment avec tes tenues ces derniers temps.
    Les gouts et les couleurs ^^